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What is a Learning Destination?

Learning Destinations are places and organisations to which children can 'travel' with their Passport To Learning. They provide high quality learning activities and experiences with a 'wow' factor and have passed the Children's University's own quality assurance process (Planning for Learning). A Learning Destination can range from a museum to a farm or from an airport to a University as long as the learning activity connects with Children's University learning which is linked to an actual University course provision as exemplified on

Registered schools are also known as Learning Destinations.  Existing and new activities on offer in schools which take place either before school, during lunchtimes, after school, weekends or holidays can be part of Children's University. 


Learning Destinations display the Learning Destination logo prominently in and outside their environment, clearly visible to children who may want to use their Passport To Learning there.

Learning Destinations 'stamp' the Passport To Learning in correspondence with the time a child has been engaged in the validated learning activities within the Learning Destination. This thereby contributes to the child's record of achievements and CU certification.


I am interested in becoming an official Learning Destination

If your organisation can offer a potential learning opportunity for the Children's University, please contact your local Children's University Manager in the first instance.


Click here for an information leaflet on becoming a Learning Destination > 


The Children's University validation process assures the quality of the learning. Matters of Health and Safety, Public Liability and Safeguarding remain the responsibility of the learning provider. All public Learning Destinations are expected to operate to their statutory requirements in these areas. Given this, it is for parents themselves to decide whether the quality of provision, including Safeguarding of children, is sufficient and adequate safeguards are in place. This is similar to what all parents need to do when taking children to any public event or club.

How is the learning validated?

In becoming a CU Learning Destination all organisations are asked to undertake our quality assurance process, known as CU Validation. This validation sits within Planning for Learning - A Framework for Validating Learning devised with the support of Professor John MacBeath of the University of Cambridge.

Planning for Learning sets out a process of self-evaluation and planning as we must be sure that there is a consistency of quality to the Learning Activities that our CU Learners participate in.

CU Validation does not require the completion of an excessive amount of paperwork. It works best when time is set aside to talk about potential learning opportunities and to explore them through the eyes of the children they are designed to engage. Wherever a CU Learner chooses to access a CU Learning Activity that their experience is a positive one and that the learning is engaging, creative and fun!


CU Learning Destinations are listed on the national Children's University website

How does my venue become part of Children’s University?

Do you offer after school clubs or special activities for children to get involved in that are voluntary, have learning outcomes but most of all are fun?

Would you like to reward those children who participate and help raise their aspirations?

Together we would validate your activities, then promote them to children, young people and families to access both locally and nationally. Your staff would be asked to stamp/sign for the hours attended in the Passport To Learning. That is all that is required!


What does it cost?

Currently there is no charge for membership as we want to encourage many opportunities.

We look forward to hearing from you.