Children's University is the spark that awakens us to the possibility of achieving amazing things!

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What will my school receive? >

What will my school receive?

Celebrating Achievements! >

Celebrating Achievements!

Join the 60 + Primary, Secondary, Infant, Junior and Special Schools, Academies and Free Schools currently registered with Children’s University locally to experience the following...

  • Brings coherence to an enrichment programme and allows close tracking of uptake and impact of participation
  • Provides instant reporting methods with the CU E-Passport (school management system) to meet all current OFSTED and internal requirements
  • Minimum paperwork for the CU Coordinator(s) in school
  • Useful tool to target the vulnerable groups of children
  • Supports exciting opportunities for transition
  • Provides a framework for community engagement

"Children’s University pupils attend better by virtue of the activities which enhance their school experience …achieve better by virtue renewed self-confidence in their own potential… enjoy learning more because they extend their repertoire of interests and see learning in a new light."
(2010) - Independent evaluation by Professor John MacBeath of the University of Cambridge. 

CU Evaluation Executive Summary 2013

National Children's University Annual Report 2015


President Kennedy School Ofsted "Involvement, determination and endeavour are promoted through an extensive programme of enrichment. Students are actively encouraged to try new activities and extend their horizons. The school's involvement with the Children's University is used very effectively, leading to graduation ceremonies for those who have participated through the year." OFSTED 2013

How Children's University works in school

Children's University is open to all children aged 5 - 14 years of age (5 - 6 year olds together with their families), of all abilities.  It is important to remember that participation in Learning Activities must be voluntary, take place outside the normal school day and held at a registered Children's University Learning Destination.

  • Register your School/Academy with Children's University through your local CU Centre. Click here for contact details
  • Pupils own a CU Passport to Learning in which they are encouraged to collect hours of learning towards the nationally recognised awards both in school and away from school
    • The extra-curricular activities already on offer in your school (which meet the CU validation criteria) become part of the offer
      • Registered Children's University schools tell us that the time commitment is approximately 2 - 3 days per term following the launch
        • We will keep you informed of new activity providers (Learning Destinations) both locally and nationally as they join e.g. libraries, museums and art galleries, country parks, Scout & Girl Guide clubs, community centres and many more. Promote these to your pupils and their families through your newsletters and website
            • Collate attendance hours using either:
              • The CU E-Passport To Learning which links with school management systems to collate hours, data and produce reports to measure impact
              • Or your existing methods of collating attendance
              • Order the Children's University official Certificates and present them in special assemblies in school
                • At higher award levels your pupils are invited to annual CU Graduation Ceremonies which are held at a local University together with their families
                • On-going professional support plus minimal electronic templates are in place for the launch and future success of the Children's University offer to your pupils and their families

What will my school receive?

What will my school receive when registered with Children's University?

  • Part of an international initiative, the CU Trust™ including access to the official Children's University™ logos
  • Official Graduation Ceremonies at a local University or other HE/FE venues
  • On-going support with minimal electronic templates are in place for the launch and future success of the Children's University offer to your pupils and their families
  • Pre-printed official Children's University™ 'hologram' Certificates
  • Half termly updates of new and existing Learning Destinations (activity providers) to advertise to children and families
  • Access to the list of validated Learning Destinations, both locally and nationally
  • Access to pre-written, nationally validated modules
  • Staff CPD opportunity to undertake Children's University™ nationally accredited validation training

Membership charges

1. School/Academy annual membership charge (dependant on size of school)

2. Children's University ‘Child Membership’ @ £3 each (includes the Passport to Learning)

3. (Optional) Children's University E-Passport @ £1 per licence


To discuss annual membership charges, please call 0121 718 7081 or Contact us to arrange a meeting.


We can put you in touch with currently registered similar schools to hear how they launched Children's University, what benefits they have experienced and how much time is required to run it successfully.

Quote from a Chair of Governors "Children's University is their platform to the future."

Celebrating Achievements!

Celebrating learning is at the heart of Children's University. The use of the name "University" is intended to inspire pupils to join a community of learners and to raise their aspirations. The official CU Certificates are an important part of Children's University aims and objectives.

Children are encouraged to progress through the Children's University certification scheme, based on their number of hours of attendance throughout their involvement with the Children's University.

Bronze, silver and gold certificates are awarded at CU UndergraduateCU Postgraduate and CU Doctorate levels. The hours and expectations associated with these levels are outlined below. Honorary Certificates are also awarded for outstanding achievement and commitment.




The official Children's University Certificates

Recruit Children's University Ambassadors!

Recruit a group of pupils to be your Children's University Ambassadors who will work with the CU Coordinator to promote Children's University™ learning and gather the views of their peer group.

CU Ambassadors will be given a Children's University pin badge to wear to identify them (in the same way as House Captain/Prefect Badges are used). They could design a Children's University area promoting CU activities and/or assist with stamping the CU Passports to Learning. Maybe even deliver an assembly on Children's University to their peers!

Pre-written Modules

If you are looking for inspiration for a new extra-curricular club in school, take a look at some of the pre-written modules listed below to help!

Children's University activities can be in any subject which can be linked as part of a degree programme at a UK University or FE College. The activity may already be running in your school or after consultation with children/young people new activities can be offered.

If you are not sure what you could include the modules below might give you some ideas to get you started. Listed below are some examples of activity names to inspire you!

The first module listed to date is the Junior Journalist Guide from First News to help create a Journalist/Newspaper Club.  To view, scroll down to the 'Joint Honours Faculty' list.

We would welcome your most popular/unusual/exciting modules to add to this list.  Please share!

For a list of course names available in Universities, visit the UCAS website:

Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths & Computing Faculty

Rocketry | Imagineering | Mad Maths | K'nex | Electronics | Crest Science Awards | Marvellous Mini Beasts

Performing Arts Faculty

Street Dance | Circus Skills | Theatrical Make Up | Drama | Set Design | Band Scene | Pop Choir

Humanities Faculty

History Detectives | Mend & Make Do | Save the World | Rotten Romans | Philosophy for Children | Exploring Volcanoes | 3 Faiths 3 You

Sports and Leisure Faculty

Hoop Hop | Cheerleading | Super Sports | Basketball | Table Tennis | Athletics | The Magic of Tai Chi

Joint Honours Faculty

Junior Journalist Club | Movie Making | Clever Tykes - Enterprise | Tastes of Spain | Fantasy Football Maths | Roald Dahl's Revolting Recipes | Environment Club

Arts & Music Faculty

Screen Painting | Creative Writing | Art Attack | Music of the World | Recycled Fashion | Mysterious Masks