What is a Learning Destination?

CU Learning Destinations are places and organisations which provide high quality learning opportunities and activities known as CU Learning Activities.

There are two types of CU Learning Destination and, as long as the proposed learning activity connects with study you can undertake at a University, it can be considered as either a Public Learning Destination or a Restricted Learning Destination.

Public Learning Destinations are places which provide CU Learning Activities and which are publicly accessible, places which include wildlife centres, zoos, historical interest sites, theatres and libraries.

We have an ever-increasing number of Public Learning Destinations across the UK and Internationally to which children can travel with their Passport to Learning.

Restricted Learning Destinations are places which are not publicly accessible and include school-based Learning Activities, Uniformed Organisations, and clubs which require local membership.

Alongside these more traditional learning opportunities, Restricted CU Learning Activities can also be found in the workplace, and are organised by our local CU centres, working with hospitals, hotels and newspaper offices as examples.

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How can our organisation become a Learning Destination?

The Process

In becoming a CU Learning Destination all organisations are asked to undertake our quality assurance process, known as CU Validation. CU Validation sits within Planning for Learning - A Framework for Validating Learning devised with the support of Professor John MacBeath of the University of Cambridge.

Planning for Learning sets out a process of self-evaluation and planning as we must be sure that there is a consistency of quality to the Learning Activities that our CU Learners participate in.

CU Validation does not require the completion of an excessive amount of paperwork and works best when time is set aside to talk about potential learning opportunities and to explore them through the eyes of the children they are designed to engage, being confident that wherever a CU Learner chooses to access a CU Learning Activity that their experience is a positive one and that the learning is engaging, creative and fun!

Health and Safety, Public Liability and Safeguarding

It is important to note that CU Validation assures the quality of the learning opportunities offered.

Matters of Health and Safety, Public Liability and Safeguarding remain the responsibility of the learning provider. All Public Learning Destinations are expected to operate to their statutory requirements in these areas and to declare that they do so.

The Benefits

CU Learning Destination status tells children that a visit to your organisation will provide them with good quality learning.

Our experience has shown that, becoming a CU Learning Destination encourages first time visits for many children and their families who go on to return. More visits for you, more stamps for the Passport to Learning.

Once confirmed as a CU Learning Destination we ask that you display our Learning Destination logo prominently inside and outside of your learning environment so that it is clearly visible to visitors and children who may wish to use their Passport to Learning.

Many of our Learning Destination partners display our Learning Destination plaque (available to purchase at a cost) to promote their status as a Learning Destination. For those who do not wish to purchase a plaque we can supply, without charge, window stickers and posters.

Your CU Learning Destination status will also give you access to our nationally recognised Learning Destination logo for use and we would encourage you to display the Learning Destination logo on all literature and letter headed paper and to display our logo on your website and social media sites linking directly to the Children’s University website too.

Become a Local Destination Partner

If you are interested in becoming a CU Learning Destination, in the first instance please contact your local CU Manager and discuss with them the learning opportunities that you offer. Your local CU Manager will support you in identifying those suitable to become a CU Learning Destination.

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Become a National Learning Destination Partner

We are working with a number of National Learning Destination Partners to broaden the range of learning opportunities we offer and you will see from the list that there is great diversity in the type of learning offered and the organisations we are working with.

Our National Learning Destination Partners share our aim to create an excitement about learning, encouraging inquisitiveness, exploring subjects in breadth and depth through a variety of learning styles and contexts - creating learning with a 'WOW!' factor.

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