Aqua Star Swimming School

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Manager: Scott Powell 07990538516
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40 Station Lane Featherstone West Yorkshire

Learn to swim involving stroke development, water safety and personal survival. A skill for life. Aqua Star aim to provide the local community with a quality school in which they are confident in the...

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Swimming Lessons with Aqua Star Swimming School
To teach children to become confident in water, swim with good stroke technique and equip them with the skills to enjoy all water based activities. All courses last 10 weeks which are ongoing. Key resources are the instructors and the pools which are both fully utilised. Experienced staff are vibrant and ensure children attending have fun and enjoy learning. They give clear instruction and ensure all children are included and progress at a comfortable rate. All children are verbally praised and encouraged to develop their swimming skills and knowledge further. Success is also celebrated by receiving badges and certificates. As children progress they can then enter competitions. Children are excited and share their experiences with each other in a friendly and fun atmosphere. As their confidence develops they make new friends and this has a positive impact on their school life.
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Age Range: 5 - 18
Normal Number of CU Learning Hours: minutes