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Katherine Mathieson Tel: 08707 707101
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Wellcome Wolfson Building 165 Queensgate London
The British Science Association envisages a society in which people from all walks of life are able to access science, engage with it and feel a sense of ownership about its direction.
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CREST is a project based awards scheme for the STEM subjects. Up to 10 hours of work on a CREST bronze award and up to 20 hours of work on a silver award may be counted towards a Children’s University passport. CREST projects are often organised as part of an after school science club, so please contact your school in the first instance. You can also contact your nearest CREST local co-ordinator through the British Science Association website. Through the CREST process children: •Gain opportunities for scientific discovery •Develop and understand scientific skills and processes •Improve their presentation and literacy skills •Discover how STEM fits in with their lives •Develop personal, learning and thinking skills •Are encouraged to continue to study STEM subjects Projects fall into three categories: •Research, Investigation/Design and Make/Science Communication •Through the projects children develop skills in decision-making, teamwork, creativity and presentation and communication of ideas. Bronze Award - 10 hours Silver - 20 hours NB! It is assumed that most activity will be accredited at the Bronze level for children of CU age.
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Age Range: 11 - 14
Normal Number of CU Learning Hours: minutes