Evolve Dance-Hatfield Woodhouse Primary School

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Hatfield Woodhouse Primary School Main Street Hatfield Woodhouse Doncaster

Dance Classes including: Ballet, Tap, Theatre Dance, Street & Contemporary, Gymnastic dance, Musical Theatre and Cheerleading. Aims: To provide enjoyable dance lessons which develop dance techniqu...

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Evolve Dance-Hatfield Woodhouse Primary School
Dance Classes including Ballet, Tap, Theatre Dance, Street & Contemporary, Gymnastic dance, Musical Theatre and Cheerleading. We aim to provide enjoyable dance lessons which develop dance technique and confidence in performing. Students will be able to access a variety of dance styles, grow in confidence through performing and improve dance technique. Outcomes: -Students will participate in exams through the IDTA of varying levels to develop technique with the aim of achieving Pass, Merit or Distinction - Students will participate in annual summer showcase and other gala events throughout the year - Students will participate in demonstrations to family and friends of class work - Students will have the opportunity to partake in summer clubs and masterclasses (It is not compulsory for students to partake in exams and showcases, however we do encourage this. For shy students or those with specific learning difficulties we offer alternatives, such as inviting parents into lessons for students to showcase work, internal assessments and performances to peers within class. These are not as overwhelming for the students and experience shows that these students eventually grow in confidence over time and eventually do take part). We currently provide classes for students of all abilities and learning needs. We structure specific programmes with parents for students with learning difficulties. 2 and half years to adults. Tuesdays – 4:30- 6pm Thursdays – 4:30 – 7:15pm Saturdays – 11:45am – 5pm
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Age Range: 5 - 18
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