Forestry Commission (Brodsworth Community Woodland)

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    Zoos, Wildlife and Countryside

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Tel: 0300 067 4340 For further contact information, please visit the web site link for this destination
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Long Lands Lane

The Forestry Commission looks after more than 1,500 woods and forests in England, and although you can visit any of them to do the Forest Trail, the Forest Rangers have recommended some that you might...

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Autumn Activities
Sign up to receive your free Forestry Commission autumn activity sheets: To acquire a 2 hour stamp for your passport, send photos of your autumn wand and bookmark, a list of 5 autumn feelings and a sentence explaining what you felt when you ran your hands up and down the trunk of a tree to us via email. Please include your name, age and which forests you visited in the email:
Activity Cost:
Age Range: 5 - 18
Normal Number of CU Learning Hours: minutes
Forest Trail Activity
Discover your forest is for children taking part in the Children’s University scheme, and it can be done in any Forestry Commission woodland in England. If you complete the whole activity sheet, you will qualify for two hours of learning in your passport. For more details of Forestry Commission learning activities and for a list of recommended trails, please visit The activity is available to download free of charge, although car parking charges may apply in some forests. What Next?
  1. Download the Discover your forest activity sheet.
  2. Choose a forest to visit, and take a pencil and a small bag. A clipboard may be useful if you have one.
  3. During the visit to the forest, discuss the questions and activities on the sheet.
  4. Write answers down as you go, or complete the sheet later on.
  5. When you have finished, scan pages 1 and 5, or take a photo of them, and email them with your name and age, and the name of the forest you visited, so that we can send you a stamp for your CU passport.

Activity Cost:
Age Range: 4 - 16
Normal Number of CU Learning Hours: minutes
Gruffalo Orienteering
This is a course in partnership with British Orienteering. Child friendly maps help participants find posts in the forest, with questions and activities to challenge them on the way round.
Activity Cost:
Age Range: 5 - 8
Normal Number of CU Learning Hours: minutes