Open Minds Theatre Company

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The Unity Centre St Leonards Road Rotherham S65 1PD
Open Minds Theatre Company provide workshops, performance and arts projects across a wide variety of art forms.
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Open Minds Theatre Company
Open Minds Theatre Company provide workshops, performance and arts projects across a wide variety of art forms. Activities will take place on various sites including schools. 'We are passionate about the transformative power of the arts and are firmly committed to the impact that the arts can have upon the regeneration of the region. Whilst OMTC is firmly embedded in the Rotherham community we work, predominantly, throughout the North of England'. Open Minds Theatre Company offers a wide range of learning activities focused around the arts including their own youth theatre group. They work in the community to assist in the developing and equipping of people to lead effective and fulfilled lives by improving their confidence and self-esteem, helping understanding of others and themselves and developing communication skills and self-discipline through their exposure to and involvement in the arts. They also work with different groups of disadvantaged young people in the community and are committed to using performance drama and other art forms as a means of opening peoples' minds and combating bigotry and prejudice. Open Minds Theatre Company is also a partner in the Rotherham Shakespeare Festival of which one of it's aims is to engage young people in high quality arts provision and an unforgettable performance experience. Please contact the organisation or your local CU for further venue details.
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Age Range: 5 - 18
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