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Danielle Adams 01733 864160
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Peterborough Archives Service Peterborough Central Library, Broadway, Peterborough

Peterborough Archives Service preserves and provides access to fascinating information and materials from Peterborough’s past. Most activities will take place in the Archives Room at Peterborough Cen...

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Come and join us at Peterborough Archives to discover unique stories from Peterborough's past Learn about Peterborian Astronomer, George Alcock who discovered comets just by sitting in his garden and memorising thousands of stars and constellations. Be inspired and make your own comet or constellation viewer. No booking required - Drop-in session, pay by cash on the door.
Activity Cost:
Age Range: 4 - 14
Normal Number of CU Learning Hours: minutes
Peterborough Archives Service Family Activity and Craft Sessions - ‘Fashion and Factories’ Sat 26th May 2018
First activity entitled ‘Fashion and Factories’ delves into the archives relating to Freemans – a prominent catalogue clothing retailer with a warehouse in Peterborough from 1969. Children will learn about the warehouse production process and discover original fashion shoot and catalogue photos. They will then be able to create their own 1970’s or 1980’s inspired fashion accessory. Archives Room, Peterborough Central Library Saturday 26th May Drop in session between 10am – 2.30pm £2 per child 4-12 years
Activity Cost:
Age Range: 4 - 12
Normal Number of CU Learning Hours: minutes