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Amanda Robson - Youth Education Manager
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124-126 Webber Street London

Activities are available nationally, not just in coastal areas, and can be run in a range of formats. The RNLI stations can accommodate visits and also have a team of volunteers, who can visit a gr...

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Beach & Water Safety
Children and young people need specific knowledge and skills to ensure their safety at the coast. Group activities are available nationally, not just in coastal areas, and can be run in a range of formats; presentation, workshop, station visit. The aim is to keep young people safe, as they enjoy what’s on offer at the coast and to ensure key messages are learned in an engaging manner. We are committed to helping young people stay safe. All our young people, whether they live inland or near the coast, need to learn how to stay safe by the sea. They may all find themselves in a difficult situation, whether they visit the beach every week or once a year. Our comprehensive education programme focuses on the RNLI’s lifesaving work as a charity and on sea and beach safety. All our services and products have been carefully planned with learning and teaching needs in mind. They are free to all organisations working with young people between the ages of 4 and 18. The RNLI website also offers a wide range of materials to further enhance and promote learning and these can be freely accessed at www.rnli.org/education.
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Age Range: 4 - 18
Normal Number of CU Learning Hours: minutes