Rotherham Young Writers Group

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Vicki Morris
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ROAR 2nd Floor Westgate Chambers Rotherham

Enjoy Writing in all its guises: from stories, poetry and lyrics, to journalism & the spoken word! Rotherham Young Writers is a fluid group with a core facilitator who is passionate and skilled, th...

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Activities with the Rotherham Young Writers Group
Rotherham Young Writers (RYW) is a fluid group with a core facilitator who is passionate and skilled, they are located at ROAR (the Central studio for Rotherham), they perform as a group and contribute to the next generation of creative makers, showcasing locally and internationally with famous poets like Benjamin Zephaniah to inspiring locals audiences in all domains. RYW have an array of abilities and needs from young people with speech impediments, those out of school due to bullying to young people who are on the creative fringe of society, it provides a family and creative outlet that inspire them to achieve and be the person they want to be. Young people will: learn to construct and assemble words, poems, and happenings that relate to own life, learn to perform in a public venue, will be able to work as team to peer support and mentor each other, will be able to work with famous and international artists and work on a quality product, will learn how to develop understanding and empathy toward one another, will learn how to review and give constructive criticism & guidance, will be able to creatively express themselves outside the confines of the school curriculum and will learn intrusive ways of working to encourage confidence in everyone to have an opinion & voice
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Age Range: 12 - 14
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