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Aim High Dance Academy Camp
Date/Time: Wednesdays 12-5pm 8 years + Aim High Dance Academy was established in January 2010. Aim High Dance Academy is a Dance school based in London, United Kingdom. Aim High Dance Academy specialises in Street Dance and offers a wide range of different dance styles and techniques such as ballet, tap, modern, contemporary and freestyle (disco). Statement: Our mission is to provide an environment where learning both dance and life values go hand in hand and where each participant can become confident in his or her efforts and successes. Our school ethos is ‘If You Aim High You Will Succeed.’ We encourage all students to set targets, work hard, aim high and take pride in their efforts. We encourage all students to explore all aspects of dancing and the range of different styles we offer, such as Hip-Hop, Street Dance, Freestyle, Contemporary, Ballet, Tap and Modern. Our purpose is to provide a group environment that would promote leadership, teamwork, creativity, self-expression, discipline, physical fitness, and development of dance technique, providing dance training in a fun, safe and educational manner; aiming to provide opportunities within the community to share their love of dance. Through Aim High we give the students something to believe in, to aspire to and achieve. We offer dance classes to anyone who has a passion, mentor those who would like to turn a passion into a career and entertain the community by showing the talent hidden amongst them
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Age Range: 8 - 15
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