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    Zoos, Wildlife and Countryside

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Chris Park National Watch website: Wildlife Trust BCN website: Tel: 01733 367572
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Discovery Den, Ferry Meadows Country Park, Ham Lane, Peterborough

The Wildlife Trust offers a wide range of fun family events, guided walks to discover and explore our nature reserves and local Wildlife Watch clubs for 8-13 year olds as well as a working in schools ...

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Farcet Watch group
13th January 2013 - ‘Winter Wonderland’ We will be finding out how animals and birds keep warm in the winter and trying to find the best natural materials to keep our ‘birds’ warm. 10th February - Going Underground We will be finding out more about leaf litter and starting off a compost bin from materials collected during a garden tidy-up. 10th March - ‘Up It Comes‘ We will be making hanging bottle gardens, planting wildflower seeds and finding out more about how to take fantastic wildlife photographs. Submitted photos will be judged. 14th April - Where Do I Come From? We will be finding out about life cycles and young animals. We will check for frog spawn and signs of sprouting plants and tidy up the garden. 12th May - Water Wonderland - Pond Dipping at Crown Lakes We will be surveying water life in the ponds at Crown Lakes and identifying the creatures that live there. We will do some bird watching and bug hunting. 9th June - Amphibian Antics We will be finding out more about amphibians and looking at food chains. We will also be judging more pictures for the photo competition. 14th July - Hedgerows & Meadows - (Outing to Milton Ferry/Ferry Meadows) We will be looking at the animals and mini-beasts that live in hedgerows and using sweep nets to catch mini-beasts on the meadow.
Activity Cost:
Age Range: 5 - 13
Normal Number of CU Learning Hours: minutes
Hedgehog Award
•Creating factual, informal fun ways to investigate our surroundings. •Increasing understanding of the whole environment •Fostering awareness and feelings for the world we live in •Encouraging a caring attitude towards wildlife •Ensuring that young peoples environmental concerns are recognised. Children go to website and register. Go to the Hedgehog award section. Children need to complete 8 activities from the extensive list. Each time they complete an activity they can log this onto their profile and once they have completed the 8 activities they will receive an electronic certificate and an icon. Activities will include recycling, making collages, feeding birds, making nest boxes and writing to local MP.
Activity Cost:
Age Range: 7 - 13
Normal Number of CU Learning Hours: minutes