Wildcats Theatre School

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Caz Dolby 01780 762000 www.facebook.com/wildcatstheatre www.twitter.com/wildcatstheatre
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STAMFORD: Castle House, St Peters Hill, Stamford. PE9 2PE

Wildcats offers part time musical theatre training to children aged 4-16 years. We work towards shows and also LAMDA examinations. Classes run at the following venues: - OAKHAM - Oakham C of E Primar...

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Wildcats Theatre School - Summer School Workshop
Our holiday workshops are suitable for children aged 5 and over. Each activity is linked to a particular theme - often based around Musical Theatre, Dance or Acting. We also offer workshops linked to a specific film. All of our sessions are based at either Wildcats (St Peters Hill, Stamford) or Stamford Arts Centre. 5 Hours per day can be logged for the Passport To Learning.
Activity Cost:
Age Range: 5 - 16
Normal Number of CU Learning Hours: minutes
Wildcats Theatre School Weekly Classes
Wildcats classes aim to teach musical theatre techniques (singing, dancing and acting) through inclusive classes working on performance pieces and exam pieces. Objectives of the sessions: • Learn theatre techniques through singing, dancing and acting • Develop confidence in performing in a group and individually • Develop skills in public speaking and presentation • Develop LAMDA examination skills Outcomes: • Children become more skilled in singing, dancing and acting • Children are confident, able to speak in front of an audience and perform individually or as a group • Children can confidently perform in shows and also complete LAMDA examinations
Activity Cost:
Age Range: 4 - 16
Normal Number of CU Learning Hours: minutes