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Children’s University is an organisation which grows and thrives on the quality of its relationships which always have a dual focus: creating opportunities for children’s learning and ensuring our involvement creates growth and development for all the partners involved. Read more
Find out how your school can get involved with the Children’s University and learn about the support you will receive. Image kindly provided by Katie Hamshaw of Sheffield Children’s University. Read more
Learning Destinations provide high quality learning activities that children can ‘travel’ to with their Passport to Learning. There are many types of Learning Destinations so discover how one can become involved. Read more
Children’s University receives no core government funding, however, by operating as a membership organisation, we have been able to keep administrative costs low, retain a strong community ethos and respond quickly to local needs whilst scaling operations at an impressive pace. Read more

Become a Strategic Partner

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Learn how to join us as one of our strategic partners who contribute to the strategic development of the Children's University Trust.
Over the years, we've expanded the CU family across the globe and we now have partners in Australia, Malaysia and China Read more