Awards and graduation ceremonies

Children's University aims to celebrate children's achievements through special certificates and annual awards ceremonies. Children receive their first award for at least 30 hours at a Graduation ceremony at the University of York. 

This ceremony takes place each spring and is a fantastic occasion to recognise children for their achievements and hopefully inspire them to continue their journey.

Returning graduates are then invited to an annual Summer Festival to recognise their continued engagement with the scheme. There are many award categories and children's hours roll over from one year to the next.


2016 Graduation

It was fantastic to see over 120 children graduate at the University of York this March, collecting awards for reaching between 30 and 530 hours in their passports.

Razzamataz Theatre School kicked off the ceremony with a brilliant musical theatre routine, which showcased the talent and enthusiasm of children involved in York CU.

We were especially excited to welcome Elizabeth Wright who shared her story about the journey to becoming a Paralympic champion! Commenting on getting involved in York CU, Elizabeth said: "When I was asked to be the guest speaker at the York Children's University Graduation Ceremony I could only say yes! To see the amazing work they do with children, to help build their confidence and vision for their futures, it resonates with my own goals to help children see and fulfill their potential."


2015 Graduation

Congratulations to the 105 children who Graudated from York Children's University in March. The children attended a special ceremony at University of York in March to collect their certificates with each child having collected at least 65 hours in their passports to graduate. One graduate, Max from Westfield, had gained over 700 hours in his passport!

A great day was had by all and we are very proud of all our graduates.

Sophie Jewett from York Cocoa House urged all our graduates to "keep growing"!


2014 Graduation

Over 130 children graduated this March in York CU's third annual ceremony. It was a wonderful occaision for the children and their parents. Mnay thanks to all the schools and Learning Destinations who turned out to help celebrate their achievmnets.

Graduation Programme 2014


2013 Graduation

Our most recent ceremony took place at the end of March, with 66 students graduating. It was widely attended by parents, teachers and local businesses and a fantastic event that was a great way to celebrate the wonderful achievements made by all graduates.

Have a look at our programme to see what the event was like:

Graudation programme 2013