What makes York CU different?

York Children's University seeks to inspire children aged 5-14 through innovative activities delivered by employee and student volunteers and the city's out-of-school school providers.

Our in school activities focus on York's most deprived communities, with lower attainment levels and a larger number of children on free school meals.

York Children's University volunteers deliver a range of innovative modules including: 

  • Advertising - discovering different media like print, journalism and advertising
  • Cooking Culture - teaching children about healthy eating
  • Law & Justice - learning about the criminal justice system
  • Money - making money management fun
  • Post-it -the history of the postal system and lives of letters
  • Science of Food - finding out what goes into our food and how far it travels to get to our plate
  • Tracks & Trains - understanding railway signaling
  • Transport Yourself - trains and rail travel

These modules are a great way for students to engage with businesses and the local community. They aim to raise aspirations and give children the opportunity to link real-life to learning.

Children can then sign up to the Passport scheme and start their CU journey by collecting stickers from after school clubs or out-of-school Learning Destinations activity providers.