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We aim to grow inquisitive, confident, independent children. Children’s University is about enjoyment and a sense of achievement for all.

If your child is aged between 5 - 14 years old and their school is registered with Children’s University (CU), then they could become a member of Children’s University™. Armed with their CU Passport to Learning it enables them to look for their learning in extra-curricular activities and experiences in places we call Learning Destinations both in school and away from school. Please see the Learning Destination section for more information and visit the national CU website  for a full list of validated venues and activities both locally and nationally.


To find out whether your child's school is part of Children’s University please click here.

If your child’s school is not involved with our initiative, please click here to send us a referral with the person to contact at the school.



How Children's University works


It is important to remember that participation in Learning Activities must be voluntary, take place outside the normal school day and at a validated Learning Destination (e.g. either a registered school or registered activity venue).


Who stamps the Passport to Learning?

Staff at all the validated CU Learning Destinations will stamp a Passport to Learning once children have taken part in the validated activity.

The School CU Co-coordinator will oversee this for all school led Learning Activities, and we encourage all children to take responsibility for handing their Passport To Learning in when asked. Activities need not be added separately each week – most schools update the Passport To Learning half termly or termly. 

For activities at Public Learning Destinations children should normally have their Passport To Learning stamped by the learning provider. If this is not possible, the school co-ordinator can add the hours if provided with proof of participation.



Schools will ensure children know which clubs are included.  Public Learning Destinations can be found by visiting the National Children's University website

How much does it cost to be a member of Children's University?

If your child is joining through their school, the cost of membership with Children’s University is £5 per child.  For which they will receive:

  • A Children's University Passport to Learning
  • Access to quality assured Learning Destinations
  • Participation in a Children’s University Graduation at a local University/FE Institution. They will receive a Children’s University Certificate, dressed traditionally in graduation cap and gown, with an invitation to parents/carers to attend
  • Membership is renewed each time a new Passport To Learning is required (on average we find this is once every 18 months)
  • A replacement Passport to Learning will cost £5

N.B.  Some schools chose to cover the cost of the children's Children's University Membership.

If your child is home schooled, please contact us for more information.

How do I recommend an activity?

We welcome suggestions for new Public Learning Destinations.

Please contact us!

How do I support my child to include a range of activities?

Encouraging children to try new activities and unfamiliar experiences, and promoting independence in learners is a key principle of Children’s University learning. Within any award there should be a mix of activities, ideally no more than a third of any award spent on a single activity.

To maintain the breadth of learning, individual clubs or groups should account for no more than 30 hours in any one school year, or ten hours per school term.

How does the CU Passport to Learning work with Home Educated children?

Home Educated children can use their Passport To Learning in the same way, with the obvious exception of school-based Learning Activities.

In keeping with the Children’s University principles of encouraging collaborative learning beyond the “classroom”, parent led, home based activities for individual children cannot be validated. CU Learning Activities can be validated if provided for groups of home educated children, up to a maximum of 30 hours on a single activity in any one year.



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