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As a parent/carer of a CU Learner you are likely to have questions about your child’s involvement. To help you support your child to get the most from their involvement, we have compiled our most frequently asked questions.

You should find that all Children’s Universities operate within these broad guidelines, but with some scope for locally agreed flexibility.

It is important to remember that participation in Learning Activities must be voluntary, take place outside the normal school day and at a Learning Destination.

The school co-ordinator will oversee this for all school-led Learning Activities. Children are encouraged to take responsibility for handing their Passport to Learning in when asked. Activities need not be added separately each week – most schools update the Passport to Learning half termly or termly.

For activities at Public Learning Destinations children should normally have their Passport to Learning stamped by the learning provider. If this is not possible, the school co-ordinator can add the hours if provided with proof of participation.