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Suffolk Children’s University

The Children’s University in Suffolk was established in 2018 and is managed by the Essex Children’s University Trust, a registered charity, with an experienced Board of Trustees.

A schools membership programme, in its first year of operation, Suffolk Children’s University has worked 20 schools across the County of Suffolk, with our first CU Graduations, 3 ceremonies across the County of Suffolk, held in 2019 with 100 CU Learners receiving Awards at Ceremonies held at Kentwell Hall, Suffolk One and The Red House in Aldeburgh.

Our emerging partnership with Suffolk Museums is creating a diverse range of Learning Destinations across the County, representing the diverse culture and heritage of Suffolk.

We welcome enquiries from schools interested in becoming members, families who choose to educate their children at home and our CU Families programme facilitates the involvement of CU Learners who attend a non-membership Children’s University School.

If you are interested in working with us as a Learning Destination, joining us as a Membership School or wish to make enquiries of our CU Families programmes, please get in touch.


Debbie Bennett